one question we are often asked is ‘why wait until fall to plant’.  valid question. summer is full of sunshine, warmth and the occasional rain shower…seems like obvious planting conditions, right?

not so much.

trees and shrubs absolutely have to {have to} be able to establish their root systems in order to survive.  trees and shrubs also go through transplant shock.  waiting for milder temperatures lessens {not eliminates} the amount of transplant shock the tree or shrub endures and allows the plant to easily settle into its new home.  it’s kind of like the difference between healthy sweating and having a heat stroke.

cooler temps ease the plant into its new environment and allow those little water seeking roots to start pulling water and nutrients from the soil.  adding root stimulators, like superthrive add valuable vitamin b to the roots system, too.  but even that can’t undo transplant shock.  to reference my previous example, cold water by itself can’t fix a heat stroke.  you have to take care from the start.

if you have been wanting to update your landscape with some new plants or trees {or both}, right now is the time to figure out what you want so that you hit the planting target right in the bullseye.