Machaca Super Bowl

time to take a quick break from leaves and mulch and snow prep {gah} to get ready for the big game this weekend.  every super bowl sunday we make machaca.  there’s probably a million different variations to this dish…some people add coffee…but we stick to the way it was first made for us when we lived in new mexico.  keep in mind, the quantities below will depend on how many mouths you are feeding.

2-4 lb  beef {we prefer brisket}, cooked and shredded

1-2 cups carrots, julienned

1-2 cups jalapeno, seeded and julienned {i recommend fresh…probably not the best use of your frozen jalapenos from last summer.  add the seeds if you want more heat.  the more veins on the pepper, the hotter it is}

the juice of 3-6 limes

salt and pepper {to your taste}

mix this up in a big bowl and chill until game time.  and, really, you can add whatever you want.

serve on corn tortillas or, our personal fave,  small artisan-style rolls found at the deli.  have it alone or add some quacamole, like this delicious recipe from jen lewis..

-side note- if you like recipes with fresh, seasonal ingredients, follow her on instagram….@cookingfresh….do it!

enjoy the game!

{and the commercials}