we are thrilled to announce the newest member of our roots family.  please join us in welcoming our new office manager, tiffany bull.

we have been chomping at the bit to bring her on board.  wade has worked with tiffany in the past, she knows the field and fits right in with the integrity we require from all of our employees.  {a must.}

we have definitely experienced growth this year, so we thank you very much for all of the opportunities you’ve put in front of us.  we want to return the favor by making sure that you receive the highest possible level of service from us.  {another must.}  we have moved our corporate headquarters to a lovely little office in the heart of downtown fayetteville and, with the addition of tiffany, we can ensure that every email, phone call and request will be properly routed, returned, scheduled and finished.

feel free to contact any of our leadership team at any time.  we want to hear from you!




oh, and our new main office number is 479.856.6644