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summer sizzle and its dangers

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heat·stroke ˈhētˌstrōk/ noun noun: heat-stroke a condition marked by fever and often by unconsciousness, caused by failure of the body’s temperature-regulating mechanism when exposed to excessively high temperatures. -heat exhaustion and heat stroke are things that we worry about on the regular when the heat index is as high as it is right now.  we make sure our guys know how to keep themselves safe and also keep an eye on each other.  we...

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you get what you pay for

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the realization that you get what you pay for can lead to a real palm-to-face kind of moment.  on the flip side, it can be a blessing knowing you don’t have to worry or deal with inconveniences.. finding out that corners were cut takes time to rear it’s ugly head.  and by the time it does…..you’ve already paid in full. this is especially true with maintenance contracts. imagine this:  you receive the requested bids and...

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