Raising the standards for Landscaping & Maintenance in Northwest Arkansas

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we are, 99% of the time, talking about all things above ground.  when to plant, what to plant, how to maintain, etc. this is that 1% where we are not. at a large commercial project we completed this past week, we ran into a first…yellow jackets.  according to wikipedia, yellow jackets are wasps and are important predators of pest insects.  according to me, they are evil, sideways flying, creepy little airborne needles with wings....

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more and more, commercial landscapes are including bioswales.  bioswales are built to very thoroughly maximize water flow to sift out pollutants from surface run-off.  and while useful, very pleasing to the eye. think of all the oil left on parking lots.  where does all that oil go in a large rainstorm?  sewers…yuck.  but bioswales are designed to hold that run-off water in the swale longer so that the vegetation and compost used in the...

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Why Fall?

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one question we are often asked is ‘why wait until fall to plant’.  valid question. summer is full of sunshine, warmth and the occasional rain shower…seems like obvious planting conditions, right? not so much. trees and shrubs absolutely have to {have to} be able to establish their root systems in order to survive.  trees and shrubs also go through transplant shock.  waiting for milder temperatures lessens {not eliminates} the...

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Exciting Announcement

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we are thrilled to announce the newest member of our roots family.  please join us in welcoming our new office manager, tiffany bull. we have been chomping at the bit to bring her on board.  wade has worked with tiffany in the past, she knows the field and fits right in with the integrity we require from all of our employees.  {a must.} we have definitely experienced growth this year, so we thank you very much for all of the opportunities...

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Beet It!

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with the winter weather we’ve had so far and the forecasts yet to come, it’s no wonder that finding effective, environmentally friendly ways to treat our roads is a hot topic of conversation. if you’ve been paying attention {don’t worry if you haven’t, that what we’re for}, you may have noticed that beet juice is the player of the moment.  that’s because, as the temperature plummets, beet juice...

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Super Bowl Sunday

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time to take a quick break from leaves and mulch and snow prep {gah} to get ready for the big game this weekend.  every super bowl sunday we make machaca.  there’s probably a million different variations to this dish…some people add coffee…but we stick to the way it was first made for us when we lived in new mexico.  keep in mind, the quantities below will depend on how many mouths you are feeding. 2-4 lb  beef {we prefer...

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