Raising the standards for Landscaping & Maintenance in Northwest Arkansas


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**giveaway** do you know about apple seeds??  if you don’t, we need to change that!!  roots is very excited to be a sponsor of their first annual picnic on the farm fundraiser happening on june 6th and we want you to go! we’re giving away a large gourmet basket for four with some great garden items and accessories added in!  {see pics}  we’re also announcing more goodies being added to the basket throughout the contest. all...

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you get what you pay for

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the realization that you get what you pay for can lead to a real palm-to-face kind of moment.  on the flip side, it can be a blessing knowing you don’t have to worry or deal with inconveniences.. finding out that corners were cut takes time to rear it’s ugly head.  and by the time it does…..you’ve already paid in full. this is especially true with maintenance contracts. imagine this:  you receive the requested bids and...

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underneath the mistletoe

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*smooch* it’s the time of year when mistletoe is very popular and romanticized.  i’m not here to take that away from you, promise…. i set out thinking i would find the origin of kissing under the mistletoe and found that mistletoe has a lot {i mean a lot} of different legends, beliefs and even remedies attached to it. in scandinavia, enemies declared peace while standing under the mistletoe.  as did arguing spouses. in parts...

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ice quakes

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i heard about this for the first time last night while watching the weather.  basically, the temperature tanks fast, the moisture in the ground freezes really fast, the ice expands and then the ground cracks with a big ‘ol boom. they happened in the midwest and canada in january this year and there was a chance it would happen here last night. i thought it sounded like the makings of a snowmagedden type action packed movie will smith and...

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instagram contest

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i think we can all agree that last winter scarred us a little.  between the days forced indoors….some with multiple days in a row of kids home from school….to all the muddy/snowy dog paws we had to clean, to the mad rushes for bread and milk (gotta get the bread and milk), it’s safe to say spring couldn’t have come soon enough. rumor has it we’re headed into another one. we at roots are ready…we want you to...

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one thing i have always loved is antique gardening tools.    the craftsmanship, the hand feel and the fact that they are virtually indestructible is fascinating to me.  kinda geeky, i know. check out this incredible set of french pruning tools from the late 1500’s, courtesy of the new york metropolitan museum of art: with mother of pearl enhancements and fruit and foliage engravings, the tools themselves are a work of...

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