more and more, commercial landscapes are including bioswales.  bioswales are built to very thoroughly maximize water flow to sift out pollutants from surface run-off.  and while useful, very pleasing to the eye.

think of all the oil left on parking lots.  where does all that oil go in a large rainstorm?  sewers…yuck.  but bioswales are designed to hold that run-off water in the swale longer so that the vegetation and compost used in the swale will filter the water so that what goes to our sewer systems is just….cleaner.  and the vegetation in it gets a nice drink, as well.

bioswales require detail, engineering and accuracy to build and maintain.  so, the choice you make in the company to build and maintain your bioswales (ah-hem) is just as important as the bioswale itself.

reduce, reuse, recycle.