with the winter weather we’ve had so far and the forecasts yet to come, it’s no wonder that finding effective, environmentally friendly ways to treat our roads is a hot topic of conversation.

if you’ve been paying attention {don’t worry if you haven’t, that what we’re for}, you may have noticed that beet juice is the player of the moment.  that’s because, as the temperature plummets, beet juice increases the effectiveness of the salt mixture used for treating.  it kind of makes it more….melty.  there’s more, too.  beet juice is significantly less corrosive and expensive than salt.  the real game-changer, in my opinion, is how much more environmentally kind it is to our soil, wildlife and water supplies.

now, before you run out and buy a whole bunch of beet juice, do your research….it needs to be mixed with some sort of salt…that’s the magic formula.

next time, i’ll tell you how some cities are using what’s readily and abundantly available in their own region as their salt resource.

stay tuned {and stay warm}