Meet Wade

Wade is one of the good guys who has a passion for all things green. He takes pride in offering exceptional landscaping and maintenance services the right way — with honesty and integrity and with the environment in mind.

Wade has been working with his hands in the landscaping business for more than a dozen years. He grew up in dusty and dry west Texas, where he learned to appreciate hardscaping and xerascaping. He took that appreciation to Texas Tech University, where he studied Landscape Architecture and Horticulture.

Wade believes that a luxe landscape and sustainability can go hand in hand and he understands the latest technology that makes this a reality. At the Sam’s Club Support Building, Wade manages Walmart’s bioswales, which filter the property’s water runoff before it returns to the city’s sewer system.

Wade is a member of the Green Association and Rotary, an Eagle Scout, a husband and daddy of two boys, Ben and Oliver.

Wade specializes in commercial work, but enjoys working with homeowners as well. Whether you’re interested in upgrading your front lawn or creating a sustainable, green landscape for your business, Wade looks forward to doing business with you and making your green dreams a reality.